Treatment for Insomnia


Dr. Ozkarahan treats not only acute, short-term insomnia associated with other mental conditions but also primary insomnia that chronically affects one's mood, anxiety, and daytime functioning. While initial evaluations are virtual, ongoing sessions are virtual with the option to meet in person in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, NYC when requested.

Dr. Ozkarahan is well-versed in the medication options available to treat insomnia, both FDA-approved as well as less habit-forming off-label options. As a prescriber who is also a psychotherapist, she will educate patients about proper sleep hygiene including establishing regular patterns around bedtime to naturally promote better sleep. Dr. Ozkarahan will also inform patients about elements of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for insomnia. When needed, she will refer patients to a sleep physician for consultation and possibly pursue a sleep study.

In addition to being an insomnia-focused psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist, Dr. Ozkarahan will treat other co-existing conditions including anxiety, depression, or ADHD. As a lifestyle psychiatrist, she will also address other behaviors such as diet, caffeine intake, timing of physical exercise, mindfulness, meditation, and regulation of substance use to help patients optimize their sleep not just in the short term but in the nights to come.

Ozkare treatment for insomnia