Virtual Therapy

In addition to her virtual services, Dr. Ozkarahan offers in-person visits when requested in the Flatiron district area of Manhattan, NY. To improve access to care and increase convenience, Dr. Ozkarahan's initial consultations and follow-up visits are conducted over video from a user-friendly HIPAA-compliant platform with the flexibility to meet in person when needed. Her comprehensive treatment plans are customized with a holistic, action-oriented, and problem-solving model for anxiety management, depression treatment, sleep optimization, and more.

Dr. Ozkarahan's psychotherapy style is personable, practical, solution-focused, and conversational. If medications are needed, her prescribing approach is gentle and conservative. Dr. Ozkarahan's multiple credentials in fitness, nutrition, and weight loss allow her to incorporate lifestyle-oriented coaching around physical exercise, nutrition, weight loss, weight maintenance, yoga, sleep, and meditation into her individual treatments. She works with young adults struggling with:

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ozkarahan worked with patients exclusively in person in the Flatiron district/ Gramercy Park areas of Manhattan, NY for 12 years. Now, her telehealth practice caters to patients who live not only in Manhattan but all of New York City, New York State, and New Jersey with the added bonus to meet in person when requested in the Flatiron district of NYC.

For patients in search of online therapy to manage anxiety, depression, or other conditions above –consider Dr. Ozkarahan's virtual therapy services. To find out about her rates and to schedule an initial consultation, please email her directly at [email protected].

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